The parish of Killard or Doonbeg as it is better known, traces its origins back to the 6th Century. Cill Ard meaning Church on the Hill was founded by St. Senan, patron saint of West Clare. Doonbeg village is situated 11 km from Kilrush and Kilkee, 16 km from Miltown Malbay on the west coast of Clare. The Doonbeg River flows into the bay, and is crossed by a good bridge of seven arches. Near it stands Doonbeg castle about 70 feet high, formerly a defence to the bay, and one of the ancient strongholds of the O'Briens.

The bay forms a place of refuge for fishing boats and small vessels and there is a new pier for docking. On the northern side of Doonbeg bay are the sand hills of Doughmore home of the Doonbeg Golf Course and Lodge with convenient public parking. When the tide is out there is a beautiful stretch of perfectly level beach to enjoy.
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